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(Most of these will soon be available as e-books!)


God’s Appointed ($10 retail) Kevin and Lisa learn of God’s plan to find their soul mate and truth in other areas of their lives.

Rainbow in the Flames ($20 retail): A love story about the many miracles involving our son, Jed, a burn survivor, including the discovery of his soul mate, Amber. (222 pages, 8-page insert of color photos)

Country In My Heart ($20 retail): Success stories of people who overcame great obstacles when they prayed for a country home (288 pages, b/w family photos, index).

You Can Survive! ($20 retail): “A practical outline for survival and revival,” says Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty Magazine. Last day events (475 pages, illustrated, index).

Tu Puedes Sobreviver! This Spanish Translation of You Can Survive! Generally sold for $20. We are now offering it for $15! Purchases of 10 or more are only $10 each! (528 pages, illustrated, indexed)

Just a Little Higher ($10 retail) Book One in our On a Wing and a Prayer series: True and inspiring stories about birds who assisted women in crisis (82 pages, illustrated).

NEW! Staying Aloft ($10 retail) Book Two in our On a Wing and a Prayer series: Extraordinary birds have helped men, too! (91 pages, illustrated).

NEW! Climbing the Heights ($10 retailBook ThreeOn a Wing and a Prayer seriesMore bird stories to build faith in a God who cares for His children (96 pages, illus.).

Set of 3 books in the On a Wing and a Prayer series—only $25!

Pamphlets ($2 each)

At the Border of Canaan: Choosing, today, between love and lust

Conspiracy Theory: Are there any of Satan’s plans that God cannot overrule?

Empty Offering Plates: What’s the plan when we cannot give money?

God’s Last Effort: God’s Last Effort to awaken His people

Ribbon of Blue: God cares about how we dress

The Lamb Escaped: The significance of the Old Testament feasts

The Privilege of Worship: The events of our worship services are blood bought

Tithe: God’s amazing plan for stretching his gifts and testing our consecration

True Education: God’s blueprint for training our children according to His plan

Closing Events Charts ($10)

The 2 ft. by 3 ft. teaching chart (English or Spanish), clearly delineates the prophesied sequence of end-time events. The Lord will supply our necessities after the close of probation (Early Writings, p. 56, Isaiah 33:16) while we need to raise our own provisions before probation closes (Country Living, p. 9, 10).

Sermon CDs and DVDs

Available from Jed and Amber Franklin 1-250-788-9421 or

Sermon Topics:

  • Accusations • Loud Cry • National Sunday Law • Blessed By Who You Know • No Buy—No Sell • God is Love • Intercession • Treasures in the Trash • The Narrow Way • Close of Probation • Restoration • Left Behind • God’s Call to Country Living • The Latter Rain • Hastening Our Lord’s Return • True Education •

New! Practical DVD available which explains reasons for moving our families to country homes, log cabin building, use of crosscut saw, log tongs, drawknife, construction and operation of a greenhouse, use of treadle sewing machine, and pressing oil from sunflower seeds. (We would like to complete this series of practical videos!)

Sanctuary Ranch Family Camp

The Franklins teach the spiritual reasons behind practical preparations they demonstrate at their yearly Family Camp. View more details at

“Again and again the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions; for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one” (Country Living, pages 9-10).

Spiritual Presentations

A storm is coming, relentless in its fury. Are we prepared to meet it? (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, p. 315) If there was a plan to provide for your family during the time of coming catastrophes wouldn’t you want know about it?  Love and sharing are the motivating factors for true survival and revival.

Request a Church Seminar: Coming Events seminars presented by Jere and Linda may be organized for your church by requesting your pastor to contact us for more information:, 1-250-788-2944.

Pamphlets, books and charts are available from Ruth Maddy 1-509-369-2671.