Seminar Information

2017 Seminar Schedule

March 19    Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Priest River, Idaho (at the High School)

March 24-26    Fairview SDA Church, 1010 Fair Ave., Yakima, WA 98901


2016 Seminar Schedule

Oct. 22    Wahkiacus, WA    Wahkiacus SDA Church
Contact: Don and Ruth Maddy: 509-369-2671

Oct. 23    Portland, OR    Sustainable Preparedness Expo    2060 N. Marine Dr.    503-736-5200
Jennifer / Loren Munson: 208-920-0088

Oct. 25-28    College Place, OR    Blue Mountain TV Share-a-thon
Daniel Biggs, Production Mgr.    Roy and Jan Dennis: 509-525-1984

Nov. 4-6    McKinney, TX    McKinney SDA Church    2705 Virginia Parkway
Jesse Turner: 972-395-8503 or 214-952-3528 cell    Zephrin Allen: 972-802-9846 or 972-741-1210    Pastor Peter Webber: 956-655-7370

Nov. 11-13    Angwin, CA    Angwin Village SDA Church
Victor Avina: 707-337-8789

Nov. 18-20    Selah, WA    Selah SDA Church    170 Harrison Rd. 98942
Pastor: David Morgan: 509-580-0758

Nov. 24    (US Thanksgiving)    Albany, OR    Harper Family Reunion

“I see the necessity of making haste to get all things ready for the crisis.”  2SM 359 – Ellen G. White

Teaching Tools

Books and charts — You Can Survive! is “a practical outline for survival and revival,” according to Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty Magazine. A large Closing Events Chart clearly delineates the prophesied sequence of end time events, erasing any confusion about when we will need to grow our own food while doing missionary work. The Lord will supply our necessities after the close of probation.

Seminars — Church seminars include spiritual meetings with reverent and uplifting music, both singing and instrumental, provided by the Birnel family. Music and sermon CDs, as well as books and charts are made available at the conclusion of the seminar.